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  • 💎 Discover How To Find A Profitable Niche: Learn  how to choose a profitable niche that aligns with your expertise and audience’s needs.

    💎 Identify Your Target Audience: Discover how to  find  your ideal audience to help create tailored products and services which will minimize overwhelm and maximize success.

    💎 Craft Valuable Content to Grow Your Audience: Learn the key elements of creating high-value content that fosters audience growth and builds a thriving email list.

    💎 Supercharge Growth: Learn the one strategy that propelled my business from earning a mere $300 per month to a  $10k a month. 

Hi, I am Latasha!

I am globally recognized Side Hustle Coach & Blog Expert, Wife, Mother of four, Speaker, and Founder of Arts and Budgets, LLC. I help ambitious side hustlers turn their side hustles into profitable careers and learn how to monetize their skills to create multiple income streams. 

I have created 10 income streams and earn over $10k monthly with my blog. I have been featured in CNBC, Black Enterprise, Business Insider, Today Show, Bankrate, Legal Zoom, Plutus Foundation, Smart Blogger, Time, and many more.


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